Control and Information System (RIS) - SCADA/EMS

Control and Information System (RIS) is our key solution, which represents a comprehensive product covering both SCADA/EMS and OMS (Outage Management System).

General properties of the system

Basic features of the system:

  • High reliability and availability 
  • Speed, flexibility, quick response 
  • Cyber security 
  • Modularity 
  • High scalability 
  • Backing up prominent features 
  • Access control 
  • User-friendly MMI 
  • Object-oriented database 
  • Domain access 
  • Principle of dynamic data generation (replenishment without restart)

RIS is intended for dispatch control in various industrial areas:

  • control and information system of the energy transmission system
  • control and information system of the energy distribution
  • telemetry information system
  • information system of the power plant
  • information system of urban networks
  • information system in other industrial networks (gas, water)

System architecture

Principles of system architecture:

  • Own cluster solution 
  • Redundancy of servers 
  • Network redundancy 
  • Access control through IdM (identity management)

RIS hardware solution:

  • Single servers / HCI virtualization 
  • The possibility of connecting a large-scale display wall 
  • The possibility of connecting large-screen monitors (55") 
  • High-performance branded servers from a reputable manufacturer

User stations are located at individual workplaces:

  • Dispatch stations 
    • independent with the possibility of connecting 2,3 or more monitors 
  • System administrator workplace 
  • Remote service station 
    • is intended for remote system management

Main modules of RIS

Core modules:

  • In-memory database engine 
  • Multi-platform communication library





  • Visualization
  • Real-time database
  • Database of energy objects
  • Telemetry
  • Real-time database statistics/history
  • Plans
  • User management
  • B-commands, handling schedules
  • Magnets, notes, temporary objects
  • Fault location indication, automatic power supply recovery
  • Graphics editor





  • Management of the ES (electricity system) model
  • Topological processor (manager of topological tasks and calculations)
  • Topological coloring
  • Calculations
    • Status estimation
    • Calculation of the steady state of the system
    • Optimum power flow
    • Short circuits
    • Contingency analysis
    • Network reconfiguration
    • Redispatching resources
    • Check calculation before handling
    • Security constraint optimization
    • Circling
    • Dynamic stability
  • DMES (dynamic model of the electricity system)
  • Simulation environment
  • Regulation
    • Automatic regulation of production
      • aFRR, mFRR (MARI, mFRR5), PICASSO
      • Monitoring of PR, reserves, PpS, production, consumption, load
      • GCC, SR for foreign partners
    • Automatic voltage regulation
    • Central level regulation of transformers
    • LFCOP (frequency and power control in island operation)

RIS – OMS - Outage management system:

  • Planned downtime 
  • Breakdowns/Outages 
  • Call center 
  • Notification 
  • Statistics 
  • Alarms

Dispatcher training simulator – DTS:

  • DTS control module 
  • Calculation part – dynamic model of the electricity system (DMES) 
  • Control device simulation module 
  • Data interface for passing data 
  • RIS interface to surrounding systems 
  • The user interface 
  • Backup system

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